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Berlon Introduces Snowgrr™ Attachment for Safe and Efficient Snow Removal Under Semi Trailers

Hustisford, Wis., October 19, 2016 — Clearing snow from underneath semi-trailers is now easier and safer than ever with the Snowgrr™ — the first auger-type attachment designed to boost efficiency in snow removal at distribution centers and trucking facilities.

snowgrr attachment for clearing snow from under semi trailers“The Snowgrr™ is far superior than offset angle plows and pushers commonly used to clear snow from underneath semi-trailers,” said Elliott Pennock, who came up with the idea for the attachment. “An angle plow or pusher might get the job done, but it's not very efficient. If you’re operating a large distribution or trucking facility, efficiency is the name of the game, and the Snowgrr™ provides it.”

Berlon Industries, a Wisconsin manufacturer of buckets and attachments sold under the Berlon Strong brand, worked with Pennock to perfect the design, and is now exclusively manufacturing the attachment, according to Mike Ebben, president of Berlon Industries.

The Snowgrr™ can be attached to a skid steer, compact wheel loader, or tractor loader that has auxiliary hydraulics.

The unit comes standard with skid steer universal hook up, while other mounts are available. The attachment’s offset mount is for operational mode while its center mount is for transportation mode.

“Distribution facility operators need snow removed fast, safely and efficiently,” Pennock said. “Trailer spotters work quickly and need to securely hitch-up a trailer for positioning. With the Snowgrr™, they can be confident that snow and ice build-up won’t jeopardize a proper hook-up. Property damage and personal injury risks are also reduced.”

The 13” auger is housed in a 16.5-foot-wide body and windrows snow 8 feet away from parked trailers, allowing for quick and easy plowing of the windrowed snow. The attachment is 24 inches high and includes LED lights for optimal visibility and safety.  Drive components are shielded from the elements and guard some of the moving parts.

The Snowgrr™ also is ideal for moving snow away from docks, buildings or anywhere that snow is removed by hand shoveling or where use of a snow plow is difficult. The Snowgrr™ has its patent pending.

See product specifications and additional pictures on the Snowgrr product page.

About Berlon Industries
Berlon designs and manufactures buckets and worksite attachments for skid steers, tractor loaders, compact utility tractors, wheel loaders and telehandlers. Their products are used in the construction, snow removal, agricultural, and landscaping markets and are sold under the Berlon Strong brand name. Berlon traces its roots to 1943 and is privately held by Blackthorne Partners.