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How to Safely Operate a Skid Steer Loader

Skid steer loaders are used under a wide variety of conditions and are often put under a lot of stress, depending on the attachment being used and how it's being used. Berlon offers thoughts on how to safely operate a skid steer loader in an article at

Our 17 tips include adhering to the machine's capacities, keeping your arms, legs and head safely in the cab, and always wearing snug clothing so your clothes won't snag and pull a lever.

The article also says: "Due to the nature of the design, and the fact that the machine is working, the center of gravity constantly shifts depending on the job, terrain, and the attachment being used. Generally, the weight of the skid steer loader is concentrated at the rear of the machine between the wheels. While working and moving items with a bucket or attachment, the center of gravity moves forward and higher."

You can read the complete article on this page of

As always, keep safety No. 1 when you are working with any skid steer attachment on a skid loader.