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Berlon Industries Introduces Medium Capacity Snow Bucket Skid Steer Attachment

By Mike Ebben

Berlon Industries has introduced a medium capacity snow bucket attachment for skid steers, tractor loaders, compact utility tractors and tele-handlers.

medium capacity skid steer loader snow removal bucketThe medium capacity bucket comes in widths of 84, 96 and 102 inches, with respective capacities of 1.6, 1.83 and 1.95 cubic yards of snow.

The bucket, with a fully welded body, has viewing windows on the back to give the skid loader operator a good view of the cutting edge and the volume in the bucket.

A kick-out plate in the lower back of the bucket prevents build-up of snow and ice.

The bucket comes with a universal mounting plate; a heavy duty mounting plate is available as an option. Other options include a 3/4” by 8” double-beveled bolt-on cutting edge and a double reinforcement kit.

The medium capacity snow removal bucket complements Berlon’s snow and light material bucket and its other snow management skid steer attachments, including sand shooters, salt and sand spreaders, plow blades and switchback plows.

Berlon Strong skid steer buckets and other attachments are available from local Berlon dealers through the Midwest and nationally via online retailers. For more information, call Berlon at 800-899-3580.